About Pita Pita and reviews

Since opening in 2003, Pita Pita business owner Kamel Daifi has been providing the Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor area with Lebanese food – a delicious and healthy blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean traditions.

Pita Pita provides great service and delicious food. The Lebanese cuisine puts an emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and herbs & spices.

After leaving The Middle East in 1998 and coming to the states, Daifi wanted to start providing his children with a more comfortable life in addition to providing customers with a fresh new taste of something different and healthy, so he decided to open his own restaurant. With the help and support of his family, the Daifi found the perfect location in Ypsilanti on Washtenaw road. People in Ypsilanti have been “very friendly,” said Daifi, adding that when they were first preparing to open the restaurant, passerby would stop to inquire about their plans. Interest in and appreciation for Pita Pita has been growing since then – a trend fueled by the restaurant’s comfortable atmosphere as well as increasing knowledge of the health benefits of Mediterranean cuisine.

The restaurant serves the traditional homemade Lebanese dishes like tabouleh, shish kebab, falafel, fattoush and shawarma. The Pita Pita menu also includes a variety of vegetarian items as well. With appealing food aromas sifting through the air, however, it’s easy to want to try something new. When asked about future plans for the restaurant, Daifi says that he will be passing the restaurant down to his son Ahmad to take over.

Don’t miss an opportunity to discover Pita Pita so that you’ll be able to go again as often as possible.

Stuffed Lamb served with brown rice

Hummus, Falafel, Grape Leaves, Fried Kibbeh, Baba Ghannuje

Marinated chicken, beef, lamb

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Linnea F.
Pita Pita is a diamond in the rough. Totally unassuming on the outside, but the interior is super nice, and the food is high quality and the best I've...
diane t.
Best shwarma around. They are really generous with the filling and then they grill the sandwich after they make it - so good you can get a small shwarma...
Fabiola G.
Ann Arbor, MI
Wonderful restaurant! The food is always delicious, made quickly, and they have so much variety. What I love most is the customer service. Time and time again you feel as if you're being treated with the most respect. When a mistake was made to my order, they immediately fixed it, ...
Leah M.
Trenton, MI
Amazing tasting food, I am not usually a fan of hummus but this one was delicious. Service was very fast and friendly. I am definitely returning!!
David M.
Woodstock, IL
Seven years later, I'm back to say that Pita Pita is still better than ever.  I'm not a fan of the interior renovations to be perfectly honest, and we were sort of randomly ignored after being seated at first, but after these hiccups we were able to order and were ...
Pita Pita provides great service and delicious food. The Lebanese cuisine puts an emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and herbs & spices.



Naseem N

Food is good but the service is not professional. The waiter assumes you want the biggest size and never asks you nor informs you of differences. Make sure you know what size you prefer to have.



PitaPita is a great local restaurant. We love coming here. Unlike Raja (a competitor?) we've never found the restaurant to be dirty. The portions are great and the food is consistently fresh. We love the lentil soup.



Great lentil soup and garden plate - pita, hummus, baba ganoosh and tabooli...Friendly waiter and owner.



rude worker , the owner is rude arrogant , dirty food and no refunds really the worker looks crazy and the owner rudei feel bad for being here


Kelsey S

For college students on a budget, the lunch specials are perfect! Even the sandwiches by themselves are tasty, and only 5-7 dollars based on the size! The staff is very respectful and friendly, and are happy to answer any questions about the menu! Even if...


Helen C

Been gp9ng to lots pita for years e dry visit I make to Ypsilanti.......food is so so good....especially the lentil soup and the cauliflower app.........friendly service great prices.......happy to see they are doing well


Megan A

They are SO friendly! It was my first time so they helped me pick something I would like. I'm used to people being annoyed by this but they were actually excited to tell me about their menu. The food was fantastic. I ended up getting...



Never had a bad meal at Pita Pita. Their wraps are all good. Their dinner hits the right amount of spices. I especially like the various lamb dishes they offer. The lentil soup is different every time I have it but it definitely does not...



This was a surprise birthday party for a colleague and only my second time there. They made everything exceptionally easy for us and ordering for such a large group was made remarkably straightforward by ordering the group platter for 10 (there were 9 of us,...


Dana M

My first visit and was I craving Mediterranean food. My girlfriend lives in the area and said it was a definite must go to . We had 5 of us and split the platter . Everything was so delicious ! I could eat it everyday...

About Pita Pita and reviews
About Pita Pita and reviewsAbout Pita Pita and reviewsAbout Pita Pita and reviewsAbout Pita Pita and reviewsAbout Pita Pita and reviews
About Pita Pita and reviewsAbout Pita Pita and reviews
About Pita Pita and reviewsAbout Pita Pita and reviews